Adams Nursery is a Place to Grow!

As a new writer in the Pine Belt, I am going to present profiles of different people who make up the Petal community. My goal is to tell you a little bit more about an individual and how they enjoy their career and life. The first person I am profiling is someone well known when it comes to plants and gardening, Ricky Adams.

Adams Nursery & Garden Center was started in 1989 by Ricky’s grandfather. At the age of eight Ricky began with simple chores helping at the family business. A passion slowly developed for the plant business, while in high school a decision was made to continue an education in horticulture. A two-year program at Jones College was the icing on the cake to the future. It became a full-time career by the time Ricky was twenty-one.

So, what sets a young man starting in a lifetime career apart from the salesperson at a big box? Knowledge of the product that one sells is the difference. Shrubs are favorite plants and successful growing is a passion for young Adams. Are there, challenges that keep Ricky on his toes on a seasonal basis? Plant disease and pests are those problems that require daily and best practices knowledge. Not only is this important to the home garden but imagine how important this is to a farmer earning a living with thousands of plants in a field. Ricky admits he feels a little pain during bad weather that results in crop loss for local farmers. Something else that stands out at this family run business, they pride themselves on timing of plant selection not selling the wrong plant at the wrong time. It can be said often big box stores sell according to national weather not local microclimates. Plant variety selection is critical because soil conditions are unique as well in the Pine Belt.

So where is the people part in this horticulture career? Ricky works with his father Philip daily along with other employees. He has a home not too far away with a wife and three precious children. At work, the daily interaction with the customers brings satisfaction with the variety of individuals. In time getting to know them personally, insures a good relationship and successful growing of their gardens or farms. A hope, we can all share is the continued success of 3rd generation family business. You can do your part by shopping and being a loyal customer to businesses like Adams Nursery & Garden center. Their location is 224 Caterville Rd., Petal and phone number 601 582 1138. At Adams, you can be sure they are knowledgeable and always have something good to grow along with supplies that you made need.

By:  Jimmy Delery