Break Your Routine!

Anyone that has driven the Evelyn Gandy Parkway to the intersection on I-59 has seen the incredible developments. Plus, we will soon be experiencing changes on East Hardy to South Main Street. Join us on Wednesday, October 9, as we hear from our Southern Transportation Commissioner about these new developments and what they will mean for Petal. The luncheon will be at the Petal Civic Center from 12;00-1:00 pm

Most importantly, joining us at a Lunch and Learn offers you a break from the routine. Professional networking events are not an everyday occurrence in most people’s lives. Typically, they represent a break from your routine, which can be powerful in its own right. By stepping away from the day-to-day, you may find the change of scenery refreshing. Plus, your exposure to different professionals and the presence of learning opportunities may spark your creativity, helping you to innovate and solve problems that previously plagued you.

The opportunity to meet with like- minded business professionals is a perk to your chamber membership. Please take advantage of it and bring an associate to learn about what is happening in our city.