Find GREAT Gifts at our Local Salons

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Gifts from salons are ideal for anyone who enjoys pampering themselves, but people don’t often think about stopping by the local salon when searching for the perfect gift. However, the variety of gifts available might surprise you. Learn more about what type of gifts salons offer to determine which of your loved ones would appreciate salon gifts the most.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are ideal because they allow the gift recipient to decide which service they want. So if possible, purchase a general gift certificate that can be used on all salon services. If a general gift certificate isn’t available, consider purchasing a gift card for select services. Many salons offer gift cards for facials, massages, and other spa services.

Hair Products

Does your loved one use specific hair products from the salon? Those typically can’t be found in just any store. So consider purchasing a variety of different hair products for your loved one, and then, put them in a gift basket.

Skincare and Beauty Products

Most people purchase their own skincare and beauty products because no one knows their skin like they do. However, many salons keep records that include specific products their customers purchase. So if you know that one of your loved ones enjoys shopping for skincare and beauty products at a nearby salon, consider asking the salon employees if they know which products you should purchase for a gift.

Candles and Scented Oils

Most salon services are centered around relaxation, so it’s not surprising that many salons sell a variety of candles, scented oils, and other supplies typically used for aromatherapy. The good thing about this type of product is that it isn’t as personal, so they can be used as gifts for people at work. If you’re purchasing aromatherapy products for a loved one, consider purchasing a gift card for spa services as well.

Most salons carry several different types of products, making it easier than you think to purchase a gift. As long as you consider the type of products your friend or loved one usually enjoys, selecting the right gift is easy.