Petal Counts!

The 2020 Census is live online! I can’t stress enough how important it is to complete the census. It can be completed online or you may have received the questionnaire in the mail. IT IS NOT A SCAM!  I have seen several posts from people questioning whether they should complete the form.  YES!!!  It is absolutely confidential and it is a crime for the census bureau to divulge your information to anyone else.  The government will NOT use this information against anyone.

If you have acquaintances, friends, relatives or co-workers that are unable or afraid to complete the form, please help them and inform them of the importance of the census.  An accurate census helps ensure fair representation at all levels of government, it directly impacts the process of planning for education, infrastructure and transportation, emergency preparedness, disaster relief and resiliency protocols.

Get Counted, Petal       Link to Internet Self Response