Who’s That Singing?

It is pleasant to know that someone looks forward to going to work. With a smile on his face, Robert “Red” Proctor does just that. If you have ever attended a function at the Petal Civic Center, you have probably met Red. I guess you might say the center and the park are his domain, and he is proud of it. Red knows his job of twelve years is a good one. Daily, he is able to interact with the public, he considers his audience to perform for. Setting up, keeping things going, and cleaning up for another day takes a special talent and spirit of dedication. This time of year makes working a bit easier for Red by not being exhaustingly hot as in the mid-summer.
Petal Mayor Tony Ducker is certain Red knows his job well and in a sense is the front line to the welcoming experience at the Civic Center and parks. The Mayor has also observed Red’s ability to work with all the other departments of the City of Petal. Red is a team player. If you were to think when you are in the Civic Center there is a performance with a beautiful solo singer, you might be right. That is Red carrying a tune and sharing his love of music, from country to gospel. Besides a good job, friendships at work, and his daily song, there is a spiritual side. Red so devotedly attends service at Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church. Keeping his Faith is keeping his guiding light in life.
Valerie Wilson of the Petal Chamber of Commerce said, “ Red is my working partner with every meeting and event the chamber holds at the Civic Center. However, he’s more than a work partner; he’s a friend and model for how to live a joyful life.”
In today’s world, it is a pleasant experience to meet an individual who appreciates people and their job. Red is an example that many of us should follow. Thanks for doing an excellent job with a happy attitude.

jimmy delery